The Loneliest Being

Yesterday, I finished season two of Doctor Who (don’t judge me yet), and it broke my heart. I could not believe what happened at the end. David Tennant and Billie Piper play sad very well. 

As my eyes filled with tears, I realized something: Rose wanted to travel with Ten, not only because she loved him, because she did, but also because he was alone in the universe. He was the last of the Timelords, and she had taken it upon herself to stay with him so he didn’t have to be alone. 

Needless to say, the tears came harder after that.

Being alone here is sad. We move along in life, looking for someone to share life with. We find friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, family, bosses, anyone who can share life with us. And then, they leave, and we feel alone again as we log into our computers and look longingly at their old pictures, wishing we could talk to them. 

What if we had an entire universe, multiple galaxies and times to go to? We could always find someone to be with us, couldn’t we?

Ah, but wait. We’re humans, and there are billions of humans on this planet at least, if not on other planets. We will never be alone, not really. We don’t have to save the world, we don’t have to protect all the galaxies. We only have to protect our own little corner, make this world a little better.

Why do you think superheroes are so alone? Why are all the heroes alone? They’re afraid they’re going to lose someone because they do lose someone. They’re alone too, more alone than us.

But still, there are other superheroes. They band together into the Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, and they’re with the people like them.

But there are no Timelords left. None. 

In retrospect, we’re not that alone at all.


About abutcherwriter

I'm just a writer musing about life, love, and the agonies and magic of both.
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