A Letter

Dear Sir,

I’m not sure if you care, but I’m doing fine. I wish you’d tell me how you’re doing, but I won’t ask you because I’m afraid you won’t answer. I tell you cool news about life, and I hoped you’d reciprocate with cool news about your life. 

I’ve rejoined the living. I have a Facebook and Twitter again, and I plan to be happy as ever on both of them. You did not control my happiness. For a while, I thought you did, but you did not. 

I’m writing again, and I’m only going to tell the people who care about it about it. You don’t seem to mind either way, though you probably do mind either way.

I’m going to dedicate one or more of my books to you.




About abutcherwriter

I'm just a writer musing about life, love, and the agonies and magic of both.
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